Anyone can pick up a galaxy phone, or an iPhone, and take a superb snap. But you’re going to need a whole lot more than a great camera to take awesome photos using a smartphone. Still, taking incredible pictures using an iPhone, or an android smartphone for that matter, doesn’t have to be such a complicated state of affairs. The most important thing is that you ought to be able to follow a number of important guidelines on focus, composition, photo editing and exposure. In the following paragraphs of this post, we shed some more light and provide essential tips every mobile photographer should have at the finger tips.

Clean the Lens

This is a commonly ignored tip, but it’s all the same very important. Of course, your smartphone lives in your hand bag, your pocket, your hand or just some other place where the lens is likely to come into contact with oils and/or dirt. Dirt, oil, grease and oily fingerprints can have a big negative impact on the quality of your snaps. Make sure to clean your smartphone’s lens every time before you take a snap.


Focus is key, your smartphone’s camera lens needs to be focused on the right target. So before you hate the capture button, make sure that your subject is in sharp focus. Well, you don’t need a short guide book to accomplish better focus on your smartphone’s camera.

Adjust Exposure Manually

Adjusting exposure manually can have a great effect on the quality of the photos you get. Well, in case you weren’t so informed when it comes to photography, exposure is all about how bright or dark an image is.

Don’t Use Zoom

Avoid the Zoom function. Zoom is one of the most used camera app features, but it distorts the quality of images rather than add to them. Make sure to avoid zoom as much as possible. If you want to capture an object that’s quite far away, consider moving closer rather than zooming. You can always crop later for more control.


This is the last smartphone photography tip in this listing, but all the same a very important one. If you’re looking to take selfies, you might want to consider following the tips above, and equipping yourself with a monopod. Although a selfie stick isn’t a must-buy for your self-portraits to actually look incredible, it helps a great deal!

There are more than 10 different types of video gaming consoles in the market today. The Xbox One and the PS4 are at the front of the pack, leading by capability, experience and performance. Still, most of the best video gaming consoles need accessories to operate effectively. Today, I highlight a number of video gaming consoles accessories that are necessary across the board.

a)   Battery Pack

After hours of intense gaming, you’ll realize that your controller batteries are dying faster than you might have contemplated. Check out more on the precise Xbox controller here. That’s why it’s absolutely important that you get a replaceable battery pack accessory for your controllers. Depending on which console you’re using, there’s a wide range of rechargeable battery packs available in the market. These take care of one of the most common problems associated with console controllers – fast battery drain.

b)   Console Stand –

Most handheld or moderately-sized consumer electronics need stands. An iPhone will need a stand to protect it as well as (sometimes), make it more comfortable to grip and carry around. A tablet might need a stand case that’ll support it so you can easily watch movies or listen to music while controlling the device. In the same way, you might need a PS4 stand to better place the PlayStation 4. The list goes on, but the important fact is that most video gaming consoles need a stand. Vertical stands are more preferred to lateral ones, since they ensure safety while using the console and at the same time create an impression of freed-up space in your room.

c)    Controller Charging Station

Just like a rechargeable battery pack accessory, a controller charging statin tackles the problem of fast battery drain in video gaming consoles. Rather than have a rechargeable battery pack, you might need to buy a charging station that you’ll use to constantly charge your original controller. This as well solves the same problem. It just depends on your preference and what you consider easier to use.

d)   Cooling Fan

This one isn’t a Hall-of-Famer accessory, but it certainly is worth a mention. Not all video gaming consoles will need a cooling fan, but the PS4 certainly does. This is so because this gaming device from Sony has been plagued by an evident overheating problem. By getting the right cooling fan accessory, you can eliminate the console overheating problem. You’ll only have to do this if you’re using the Ps4, or some other console that likewise overheats during normal operation.

An increasing number of people are pursuing professional gaming careers. If you have been contemplating pursuing a gaming career, this article is the guide you need.

Should I be a Pro Video Gamer?

The answer to this depends on whether or not you have the time, passion and resources to train as a professional gamer. Today, more and more teams of professional gamers are competing in globally-organized tournaments for cash prizes or other accolades. Some tournaments allow gamers to compete as individuals, whereas others require teams of gamers to work together against other teams. The culture of gaming is becoming commonplace. In the near future, it can be estimated that there will be gaming tournaments across cities and nations. Pro gamers must master the art of remaining calm and also the ability to take initiative.

Job Requirements

Just like with any other fields, there are specific job requirements if you’re looking to be a pro-gamer. Most gamers have a minimum high school education. What really matters is extensive training (skills), good reflexes and the ability to remain calm throughout the gameplay. Participation or the licensure of a professional gaming (gamer’s) organization might also be helpful.

Experience is also important part of becoming a professional gamer. If you’re looking to spiral your way to the top of the sheets, you need to practice video gaming like crazy. This helps enhance your level of skills. As you probably have thought, most of the best gamers have a particular skills-set. This involves strategy, decision making, good reflexes, fast reaction time and hand-eye coordination. If you can develop these skills, you’ll no doubt make a great gamer.

Computer Skills

The ability to browse the web, communicate effectively in online forums, as well as set up computer networks for group gaming matters.

Today, there are schools that train people to be professional gamers. So if you’re that serious about it, you might want to hit Google and check for any pro gaming institutions near your area.

Looking to be a pro gamer? Here are 6 tips that can get you started from the ground up right away:

  1. Pick your game – gaming is like anything else in life. You choose to be a jack of all trades, and you’ll be a master of none. You need to pick a particular gaming field and then decide to stick with it. You’ll also want to pick a console that you’ll be using for your video gaming. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are two of the best video gaming consoles available around anywhere. This must be first step if you’re serious about being a pro gamer.
  2. Get the Motivation – you’re going to need a lot of motivation and patience if at all you’re to be a pro gamer. Based on the source of your interest in video gaming, the source of your motivation could be anything, from winning Money to being a very skilled player. You might just need to build a name for yourself as a pro gamer.
  • Practice makes perfect – there’s no being a pro gamer without lots of practice. You have to invest the right time to study what other professional gamers are doing. You need to learn from their tactics and borrow from their strategies. Make sure to study the best tactics, read a lot of the right content based on the device and gaming field you’re chosen, and as well watch a lot of gameplay. Remember that even if you lose, you’re still practicing.
  1. Join a Community – choose and join a community of people who’re trying to be pro gamers. There’s no easier way to grow than to surround yourself with people who’re looking to attain the same goal. Get to know the rules of the particular gaming community you want to join and make sure you can follow them.
  2. Find a team – once you join a community and establish yourself as a promising gamer, you’ll also want to find a team that you can work with to attain shared goals. Some gaming communities also allow you to pick and form your own team. Just make sure you’re hooking up with the right folks.

Find tournaments – get into the spirit of competing and doing your gaming at a high level. This means you will have to find tournaments and start competing in as many cases as you can.

This article continues on our previous one where we highlighted a couple of things that you can do to pursue a gaming career. Here are a few more tips:

4. Play and Learn

When it comes to video games, learning is just as important as playing well. Nobody excels at anything if they’re not investing the right physical and mental energy to grasp the tools of the trade. The good news though is that most multiplayer games offer a gathering (social) of sorts where people can collaborate and share over the internet. You might want to establish relationships with people who have the same interests so you can play and learn together. Who knows? This might be where you make a great gaming team for the next global tournament!

5. Watch the Experts Play

Once you start learning your way around the particular video games that you’re interested in, you might also want to watch the real pros play. This will give you the inspiration you need to even work harder, so that you attain the next level of achievement. By watching experts play, you’ll also learn a lot of things you otherwise couldn’t have learnt. Some of the lessons you learn, and how you learn them, can be what makes or breaks your video gaming prowess. Today, with all the internet technologies, you don’t have to travel anywhere to see the pros play. All you need is access to YouTube and similar services. There is a lot of video gaming content that you can borrow from.

6. Do your Stuff

Once you’ve done some learning and you understand all the basic and groundwork stuff about video gaming, it’s time to do what you do best. Of course, you’re not going to get anywhere if you’re dividing your time between like 30 video games. You need to pick a couple of them and then lay your focus on them. Choose a gaming field that you’ll enjoy, based on your interests, passions or preferences.

7. Search and Learn

Once you start picking it and you’re on the path to the professional level, you need to learn more than everyone else is ingesting. Luckily for you, the internet is overloaded with resources, tips, tricks, manuals and guides that you can freely take advantage of in your gaming. Remember that part of understanding the mechanics of a video game is to gather knowledge about it.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you probably do it for fun. But you can build a professional gaming career. You probably have heard of the DOTA 2 gaming championship where a total of 16 teams of the globe’s top rated DOTA 2 gamers complete for a chunk of $2.8. The winners of the game, a Swedish team going by the name Alliance, took home more than a million dollars from the less-than-a-week long event. Today, the United States recognizes video gamers are pro-athletes, and challenges for gaming are being organized around the world. Regardless of your gender or age, you can join this growing list of professionals who are taking video gaming to a whole new level. But how do you just go about it?

1.   Understand the Gaming World

Before you can start thinking about gaming at the professional level, you need to first understand how the video gaming world works. To start with, you have to understand the jargon and all the technicalities involved. Game jargon, as you might imagine, changes based on the particular game that you’re playing. For instance, a game like League of Legends involves terms like disable, lane, neutrals, jungle and voodoo. You have to choose a game, or a number of them, and then make an effort to understand the jargon and technicalities around them.

2.   Practice against AI

A number of the most popular games today let you compete with artificial intelligence and or robots. If you’re just getting started and want to try out things while you learn all the new moves and tactics, you should seriously consider competing against the computer or the artificially intelligent version of the console you are using. This is always a good way to start a pro gaming journey.

3.   Get Some Gear

You’ll need to get some gear (i.e. accessories), so as to curve your way as a pro gamer. Most video games will be played and enjoyed better with a number of accessories such as headsets. Brands such as Logitech offer quite a variety of gaming gear that can help you move from one level to the next. Before you start spending lots of time practicing on the games you chose, you’ll need to fish out your credit card and equip your gaming desk with a number of hardware that are built for gameplay. Of course, the accessories you get will be dependent on the particular video gaming hardware that you’re using.

In our follow-up article, we’ll include more tips on what you need to do to pursue a career in video gaming.

Over the last one decade, there has been a raging debate on the internet regarding the suitability of video games. Some of the critics have argued that video games are indeed bad. Some of the reasons used to back this assertion is the fact that by getting addicted to video games, people waste time that would otherwise be spent on more productive activities. More so, others have argued that violent video games indeed have the tendency to make the gamer violent. In this article though, we take the optimistic approach and explore a couple of reasons why video games are actually good for you.

i)             Learning Benefits

According to research recently published in the American Psychologist, video games have learning benefits especially for children. The paper says that playing video games, including significantly violet shooter games, has the potential to boost the health, learning and social skills in children. This study comes at a time when debate between psychologists, other health professionals and generally community groups is taking a divergent approach, with more people seeming to oppose the suitability of video games.

ii)           Enhances Cognitive Skills

There has been arguments that playing video games and other types of computer games for that matter is intellectually lazy. But research into the same suggests that such activities have the capability to strengthen cognitive skills such as reasoning, spatial navigation, memory and perception. This is more so true for violent shooter games. Several research reports have agreed on this finding. In one of the reports, it was established that playing violent shooter games enhanced the gamer’s capacity to thin about items and generally objects in 3D, just as well as some scholarly courses are designed to improve the same skills.

iii)         Earn Problem-Solving Skills

Video games can help children earn problem solving skills? Why? You may ask. Well, as more and more teenagers play strategic games, such as role-playing games, they earn invaluable skills in making decisions in situations where one must be made fast. The creativity and ability to think fast and make more accurate decisions improves. As a result, children are able to perform better in practical courses taught in school, gain important life skills and as well learn to lead effectively. Thus, the use of video gaming technology to enhance problem-solving skills is extending across borders worldwide. This might be the same reason why some military academies use video games to train troopers on quick thinking.